2022年7月1日—强烈建议接种COVID疫苗,但目前 不需要*现在买球用什么app的学生、教职员工提供服务.

*Some students and employees are required by the State of Oregon to either have the vaccine or claim a 医疗 or 宗教豁免特别是在医疗保健和行为项目中. 学生 in these programs should verify all program-specific requirements with their departments to ensure they are in compliance. 这一要求符合俄勒冈州卫生局的要求 卫生保健提供者和卫生保健人员疫苗规则.

All students may submit their COVID vaccine information through the secure Student 健康 portal for record purposes.

教师可选择佩戴口罩和面罩, staff, 学生及访客不论是否接种疫苗.





We are writing today to provide you with the latest update regarding Oregon Tech’s COVID-19 protocols. 如你所知, 在疫情期间,手机上买球app排行榜一直关注当地情况, 状态, 以及国家实体,为我们制定校园应对新冠肺炎的措施提供指导, 但这种指引经常发生变化,而且往往出乎意料. 目前, 我们发现自己面临着全州范围内指导方针的两个重大转变, 从我们近两周前给你写的最后一封邮件开始:

  1. Oregon OSHA has now rescinded their Interim Guidance which required notification to both “Exposed” and “Affected” employees (http://osha.oregon.gov/covid19/Pages/covid-19-general.aspx)
  2. The Oregon 健康 Authority (OHA) has stopped requiring quarantine for anyone who has a COVID-19 exposure, 不论疫苗状况如何(http://covidblog.oregon.gov/oregon-to-pause-quarantining-march-12-as-cases-and-hospitalizations-drop/)

We fully recognize that 状态 and national guidance could shift again (in which case our protocols would change accordingly), 而是因为我们无法预测未来的变化, 我们目前正在改变应对大流行的方法,以与俄勒冈州职业安全与健康管理局和职业健康管理局保持一致.


从7月12日起,手机上买球app排行榜将不再参与接触者追踪过程. 而不是, we are recommending action that is consistent with OHA guidelines (please review the attached flowchart and keep it handy to refer to in the future as needed). Detailed information specific to both 员工 and 学生 follows below, but generally speaking:

  • 症状-如果你生病了, remain off-campus until your symptoms have improved and you haven’t had a fever for at least 24 hours without medication
  • 暴露-如果您接触到患有COVID的人, 监测自己的症状/在他人周围戴口罩10天, 在最后一次接触后5天内进行检测
  • Testing Positive – Remain off-campus for 5 days from your first symptom (and until your symptoms have improved and you haven’t had a fever for at least 24 hours without medication), tell anyone with whom you have had closer contact that you’ve tested positive (see the flowchart for what information to share)

Student 健康 will no longer be the point of contact for all things COVID; it is each person’s responsibility to maintain your individual and the larger community’s health and safety and not come to campus when feeling ill. We trust that employees and students alike will minimize exposure and transmission by following the attached flowchart.


Oregon Tech COVID paid leave expired as of June 30th and is not likely to be renewed for the coming year. 如果你因病不能上班, 测试过程, 或者真的得了COVID, 在这段时间里,你需要使用适当的累计休假(在大多数情况下), 病假). 考虑到这一点, be thoughtful about how you use your accrued leaves throughout the year to avoid having Leave Without Pay for absences.


如果你上班时出现任何疾病症状(无论是否与covid有关), 你的主管有权(也有义务)把你送回家.


如果你要旷工的话, 请利用你所在部门的程序通知你的主管, 并直接与他们讨论在家工作的选择.


员工 who belong to high-risk populations are encouraged to wear face coverings when around others. 事实上, 提醒一下, 戴口罩是个人选择,不应该挑出任何人, 嘲笑, 或者因为选择在校园里这样做而受到质疑. 现在买球用什么app仍有N95口罩供应,如果有员工希望使用这些口罩的话. You can request them from Human 资源 or REMS (复原力、应急管理和安全).

监事, review the information in this e-mail and the attached flowchart with your employees to ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities with regards to minimizing exposure and transmission of COVID (or any other contagious illness).
有关福利或休假的问题, please contact 莎拉Henderson-Wong (541-885-1028) or for questions regarding employee protocols/expectations, 请联系Sandi Hanan (541-885-1074).


Dr. 如果你缺课,福利不会再向你的老师确认缺课. You will need to contact your faculty directly in order to let them know that you will be missing, 协调补上任何遗漏的工作或材料, 重新安排考试等等.

如果你生病了, we would encourage you to contact 学生健康电话:541-885-1800 so the medical staff can work with you on your specific situation; they may suggest that you have a COVID test, 为你预约到诊所来, 建议你服用非处方药物, 等等.......

学生员工应注意上面的“员工特定细节”, 因为作为大学的一名雇员,你必须了解这些信息.
有关COVID疾病的问题, 请联系Gaylyn毛雷尔(541-885-1800)或其他与covid相关的问题, 请联系博士. 艾琳·弗利 (541-885-1011).

最后, 提醒一下, while the COVID vaccine is no longer required generally for Oregon Tech employees and students, 一些学术课程可能仍然需要接种疫苗,所以请与您的课程核实. 强烈建议住在校园里的学生和任何高危人群服用. 如果您符合条件并且能够获得增强疫苗,我们鼓励您这样做.

We have worked together as a community across the past 2+ years to reduce the risk as much as possible for Oregon Tech, 我们要求你们继续努力向前迈进. 应本地, 状态, 或者国家指导方针再次转变, we are prepared to respond in kind in order to utilize the most up-to-date information to keep our campus communities as safe as possible.
艾琳·米. 福利,Ph值.D.
副总统 & 教务长

关于猴痘/ hMPXV的信息

猴痘(hMPXV) is a disease caused by infection with the 猴痘 virus, which is related to the smallpox virus. 虽然通常不像天花那么严重和具有传染性, 猴痘是一种令人不快的疾病,有时会很严重. 2022年之前, 猴痘在美国并不常见, 尽管这在世界其他地方很常见. 这种疾病主要通过呼吸道传播, 长时间的, often skin-to-skin physical contact with people who have 猴痘 symptoms including rash and lesions.


  • 猴痘 may start with fever, achiness, or sore throat, but may also start with rash or sores.
  • 皮疹开始时通常看起来像丘疹或水泡. It may be located on or near your genitals (penis, testicles, labia and vagina) or anus (butthole). 它也可能出现在你的手、脚、胸部、脸或嘴巴等其他部位.
  • 皮疹最终会变硬,可能会很痛.
  • If you’re feeling sick and notice any new rashes – especially on the genitals or around the anus – avoid close skin-to-skin contact and talk to a health care provider (or call 211 if you don’t have one).
  • 预约前, 让你的医生知道你认为你可能患有猴痘,并覆盖你的任何病变. 向您的提供者询问猴痘测试.
  • 如果你有你认为可能是猴痘的症状,和你的医生谈谈测试.


  • 注意你的健康.
  • 如果出现猴痘症状,不要与他人发生亲密接触或性行为.
  • 询问潜在伴侣有关疾病或皮疹的情况.
  • Consider limiting partners you engage in intimate contact or sex with until you have received two vaccinations against 猴痘.


  • If you're feeling sick and notice any new rashes - especially on the genitals or around the anus - avoid close skin-to-skin contact and talk to a health care provider (or call 211 if you don't have one).
  • 预约前, 让你的医生知道你认为你可能患有猴痘,并覆盖你的任何病变. 向您的提供者询问猴痘测试.
  •  学生: contact 学生健康电话:541-885-1800; 员工: contact your medical provider.



学生  学生健康电话:541-885-1800
员工    你的初级保健医生



Flu Shot Clinic for employees at the Benefits Fair on Wednesday, October 12, 9:30am-2:30pm in Mt. 有关于马札马



它可以引起轻微到严重的疾病,有时甚至会导致死亡. 预防流感的最好方法是每年接种流感疫苗.


  • 大约5%到20%的人会患流感;
  • More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications; and
  • 大约有36000人死于流感.

有些人, 比如老年人, 年幼的孩子, 以及有某些健康问题(如哮喘)的人, 糖尿病, 或心脏病), 是否有患严重流感并发症的高风险.

发热  Rare 高烧
头疼   Rare 著名的
全身疼痛 轻微的 通常的,通常是激烈的
疲劳和虚弱 非常温和  常见的. 可以持续2-3周
极度疲惫 Never  早期和突出
鼻塞 常见的 有时
打喷嚏 常见的 有时
喉咙痛 常见的 有时
胸部不适、咳嗽  Mild  常见,可变得严重
痰  常见的 Rare



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